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Work Benches

Too Tough to Quit

Throw. Drop. Clamp. Weld. Assemble. Hammer. Flextur™ Work Benches take it all.

Frustrated with lightweight pegboard? Those days are over. We have strong solutions available with Gridlok™ metal pegboard, powerful hooks, and accessories that don’t cave even during the most difficult jobs. These powerful Work Benches match features with weight ratings and price points to meet your exact application requirements and budget.

Built for Your Application

Flextur Work Benches come in four sizes and two basic designs. You determine what works best for your situation. Add Gridlok panels and greatly increase the functionality of any size Work Bench. Individual Accessories, and several Accessory Kits are available to choose from.

Productivity of the Future in the Present

Even the very best tool chests and benches constructed from the strongest materials are useless if not convenient for the user. Optimized performance and efficiency aren’t out of reach. With Flextur Work Benches you have the platform you need to innovate.

We’ve incorporated a simple yet powerful design utilizing Gridlok industrial metal pegboard that is uniquely flexible for storage and organization. 3/8” Steel tops and heavy-duty lockable casters are at your fingertips, ready to be implemented today. We also have lighter 14-gauge Work Benches that are very capable, and more than sufficient for your applications.

Flextur Work Bench Features:

  • Available with Heavy Duty 3/8” Steel plate work surface or 14-gauge steel top.
  • Sizes range from 48” x 28” to 96” x 32” x with a 35” high work surface.
  • Capacity up to 2,000 lbs.
  • 32” Work Benches are available with rugged locking casters.
  • 28” Work Benches have adjustable leveling feet.
  • Gridlok Panel Kits are available for easy access tool storage and accept all Gridlok accessories.

Designed for Every Challenge

simple setup


Likely the last Work Bench you will ever purchase. You will be hard pressed to find a more rugged workbench than a Flextur 48”, or 96” x 32” deep Work Bench featuring a 3/8” Steel top. Tops are predrilled to accept our 6” Industrial Vise and optional Gridlok Kit. We know you need a solution that is tough. These products are designed to take a beating.

Durable Design


Mobility is provided by 6” lockable casters on 32” deep Work Benches. This allows you to move closer to your work, or to more easily clean behind or beneath them. Adaptability also comes in our 28” deep, 14-gauge Work Benches. These stationary benches are beyond capable to get the job done when the mobility of casters and a larger 3/8” steel worksurface are not needed



You benefit from the simple design and rigid structure of Flextur Work Benches. Our solutions easily scale to your needs, based on the task at hand and how you configure Gridlok Accessories. Standardization and customization are both easily attainable. Make these products what you need them to be.

Get More Done...

…with heavy duty Industrial Work Benches from Flextur. These rugged workbenches will stand up to most anything, from dropping heavy tools to pounding out your items on a sturdy surface. And because they accept Gridlok Hooks (capable of holding 50 lbs. on a single hook) and all Gridlok accessories, our Work Benches are the ultimate “easy reach” 5S tool storage system.

Finally, a workbench that works as hard as you do!


WORKBENCH Gridlok Kits

Workbench Accessory KITS

The Work Benches for Your Unique Needs

No matter your industry, processes, or requirements, Flextur Work Benches with Gridlok can go to work for you. It’s easy to integrate these solutions and you will be set for years of powerful productivity. Ready to begin? Contact us today.


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