Weld Tables

Welding Fabrication Tables

Change is inevitable. Being able to adapt is critical to your success. PioneerIWS™ Weld Tables provide the flexibility you will need to remain competitive in today’s market. A fully equipped PioneerIWS welding cell, utilizing Flexturs® Carts and Weld Tables provides the ultimate in workflow agility.
Durable Metal Panels

Reduce Set Up Times

Inexperienced welders can easily make an accurate setup and become productive in minutes with a Weld Table from PioneerIWS. Onboard GridlokTM panels keep tooling organized and within reach.
Affordable Gridlok Panels

Create the Ultimate Welding Cell

To create the ultimate welding cell, use a Flexturs workstation to house your welder and welding equipment. You can also use Gridlok and Flexturs accessories to enhance both your welding table and your Flexturs cart. This combination creates the ultimate LEAN, mobile, flexible and adaptable welding cell.
Simple PioneerIWS System

Use Fewer Fixtures

Quickly reconfigure your table for the task at hand. You will use and build fewer costly jigs and fixtures, while improving efficiency.

Welding Accessories

PioneerIWS Accessories provide a convenient place for tools and other regularly used items to be stored, or they will assist you in streamlining the welding process. Some use the weld table surface to clamp and configure, while others use Gridlok to help you stay organized and keep the tools you need close at hand.

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