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Weld Tables

This customer generated video refers to a PioneerIWS weld table. Flextur at that time was PioneerIWS before undergoing a name change in 2021.

Products that Revolutionize – Welding Fabrication Tables

Custom fabrication doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it should be straightforward with tools that only give you exactly what you need to be efficient. Flextur™ provides agile, productive, and profitable solutions in today’s market without all the unnecessary frills – only the right capabilities. Our robust Weld Tables will reduce set up times and the need for costly fixtures. Our welding table Tops are 1/2” and precise. Always. You will also have access to customizable tool storage and a variety of accessory packages for your welding table. There’s more. With weight ratings and price points to meet your application and budget, you can produce like never before.

Change is Inevitable

No matter your industry, being able to adapt and scale to your business’ growth is critical to your continued success. Flextur Weld Tables provide the flexibility you need to remain competitive in today’s market. Integrate into a fully equipped welding table. Utilizing Flextur Work Stations and Weld Tables together provides the ultimate in workflow agility.

Flextur Weld Table Features:

  • Eliminate costly and time-consuming jigs
  • Ultimate flexibility for diverse applications
  • Greater efficiency throughout the process
  • Improves the performance of any welder
  • Onboard Gridlok™ Panels for easy access tool storage
  • Accepts all Gridlok Accessories
  • Works seamlessly with Flextur Work Stations
  • Made in USA

Designed for Every Challenge

Durable Metal Panels

Reduce Set Up Times

Even inexperienced welders can easily and accurately setup our welding tables to become productive in minutes with a Weld Table from Flextur. Onboard Gridlok panels keep tooling organized and within reach.

Simple PioneerIWS System

Use Fewer Fixtures

Quickly reconfigure your table for the task at hand. With a streamlined Weld Table, you can build fewer costly jigs and fixtures, improving efficiency every step of the way.

Affordable Gridlok Panels

Create the Ultimate Welding Cell

Leverage a Flextur Work Station to house your welder and welding equipment alongside your Weld Table. Gridlok accessories enhance both units to work as a cohesive system, maximizing your productivity. This combination creates the ultimate LEAN, mobile, flexible, and adaptable welding table that you can use time and time again.

Weld Tables

Weld Table Fixturing Kits

Fixturing Kits include all the accessories you need to utilize your table the moment it arrives.

Often, customers do not know what accessories will work best for their application. Our kits give you everything you need to be effective and efficient from day one. Flextur Weld Table Fixturing Kits provide exceptional value with all the “must have” accessories our customers say make a difference. Each kit is a great place to start with room to expand as your need for specific accessories becomes more obvious.

Implementing LEAN? We Make it Simple.

Revolutionize the way you manufacture with Weld Tables, Work Benches, Work Stations, Work Carts, and Pack Stations, from Flextur. With LEAN, 5S, and more from Flextur, you receive the tools to achieve your goals with our simple, easy to understand, easy to implement systems.

Boost productivity and supply your teams with Weld Tables that are built to seamlessly integrate into any fabrication environment. Flextur is pleased to serve the world’s most complex workplaces with highly-efficient products made and tested in the USA.

Transform your workflow today! Contact Flextur for more information on how to get started.