DS & SS Shelving Systems

The modular nature of PioneerIWS™ gives you the flexibility to build a solution that’s just right for you. And since all of our parts and accessories are interchangeable, you can easily adapt as your display needs change. Shelving is available 48” wide, in 10”, 15” and 20” depths.

The strength of the PioneerIWS systems is their simplicity. There’s no complicated assembly required, and our patent-pending design keeps your hooks and shelving securely in place.

PioneerIWS Systems excel when a product’s weight makes it challenging to display on a traditional shelving unit. DS & SS Shelving Systems easily support hundreds-of-pounds while allowing you to organize and properly display products at the right height and within arm’s reach. Each 48” shelf is capable of holding 400 lbs. while tough metal Gridlok™ panels easily hold up to 50 lbs. on a single industrial hook.*

*All weight capacities are based on an evenly distributed static load with a safety factor of 2.0. While hook capacities range from 12lbs to 50lbs. per hook, all shelves have a 400lbs. capacity. Maximum weight should not exceed 800lbs. per Gridlok panel. (1,600 lbs. per SS System, and 3,200 lbs. (1,600 lbs. per side) per DS System.

DS & SS Systems are not stock items but are made to order in just 6 weeks.