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Pack Stations

Unbox Your Company’s Potential

For industrial suppliers, commercial providers, or anyone else who needs ship-efficient solutions,
state-of-the art tools are vital to successfully completing packing and packaging operations.

Flextur™ Pack Stations are designed to meet the needs of today’s busiest shipping and packing departments. Our packing station is more than a place to assemble your products; it’s an innovative landscape to create, multi-task, and categorize with ease.


Durable Pack Stations


Every component is built to last. Flextur products featuring Gridlok easily support hundreds of pounds at a time. Yet the ultimate strength of our packing station is their simplicity. There’s no complicated assembly required, and our patent-pending, laser-cut design gives you the perfect fit, every time, without compromise.

Versatile Pack Stations


The modular nature of our pack stations gives you the flexibility to implement a solution that’s just right for you. And since all of our parts and accessories are interchangeable, you can easily adapt any workspace when your needs change.

Simple Pack Stations


You’ll find that the ultimate strength of our systems is their simplicity. Organize and store the tools you need within easy reach. You’ll find what you need when you need it with organization that is at the right height and within your grasp at a moment’s notice.

The New Generation of Productivity

Flextur Pack Stations leave nothing on the table. Even the largest shipping station desk with the strongest materials is useless if it’s inconvenient to the user.

We’ve incorporated a simple, but powerful design utilizing Gridlok™ industrial metal pegboard that is uniquely flexible for packaging, storage, and organization. No other products unite customization, standardization and organization like Flextur products.

Re-design and re-define your workspace with customizable packing stations that allow your teams to harness forward-thinking production.

Flextur Pack Station Features

  • 30″ x 72″ work surface with 34″ working height
  • Adjustable overhead box storage area
  • Lower shelf for additional storage
  • Full width 8″ deep shelf for tape, label, and supply storage
  • Gridlok industrial metal pegboard for easy access tool storage
  • Adjustable leveling glides
  • Made in USA

Adjustable Box Dividers

  • Your adaptable packaging stations come fully-equipped with easily adjustable box dividers to allow for extensive storage variations.

Other Accessories

  • Pack Stations can be supplied with an available power strip for maximum performance.
  • A full width paper roll holder for paper or wrapping material that is easy to restock.
  • A Label dispenser capable of holding several rolls of different size labels that can be easily restocked.
  • The Monitor Mount allows you to conveniently locate your display within easy sight, yet out of the way, keeping your work surface clear.

Designed for Every Challenge

Flextur Pack Stations help you expand your fulfillment goals, one characteristic at a time.

Faced with constant productivity obstacles? Not sure how to keep vital packaging elements within arm’s reach for your employees? Overcome those defined difficulties with a shipping station desk and storage unit.


Integrate Flextur Pack Stations

For a streamlined industrial workflow solution, choose Flextur Pack Stations for your packaging desk and supplemental storage needs.

Boost productivity and supply your teams with packing stations that are built to seamlessly integrate into any industrial or commercial work environment. Flextur is pleased to serve the world’s most complex workplaces with highly-efficient products made and tested in the USA.

Begin your workflow transformation today. Request a quote to get started.