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Material Handling

About our Material Handling

Specialty products often require custom solutions for proper handling. Flextur™ can help. We understand the value of assembling, moving, and storing products safely and efficiently. Whether it is the incoming raw material, material in process, or product ready for shipment, safe transport is paramount. There is no recouping the cost of damaged products, or worse yet, accidents. We have the solutions, or we can assist you in creating the custom solution you’re looking for.

Work Carts, Workstations & Pack Stations

Flextur™ gives you the flexibility to build a solution that’s just right for you. Start with a 2 or 4 Panel Workstation and customize it to your liking from our large variety of standard accessories. As your needs change, you can easily adapt with interchangeable parts. Packaging Stations also incorporate GridlokTM accessories to keep the things you use the most within easy reach.

Custom Pallet Racking

We build custom pallet racking specific to your needs. We’re trained in 5S and LEAN manufacturing and understand the value of a custom solution.

Transport Carts

Moving and storing products safely and efficiently is key to your success. We’ve built many custom solutions for seamless workflows and safe transport.