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Organize, Standardize, and Increase Efficiency

The age-old saying “work smarter, not harder” has taken on a new meaning. Modern workflow capabilities use Flextur™ LEAN systems with Gridlok™ metal pegboard to put the “smartest” solutions to work for you. Included are a slot and extra-strong hooks engineered for industrial applications. Receive wall mounted options and more incorporated into our products. Organize tools, supplies, and paperwork so your employees stay productive and you benefit.

Why customers are buying Flextur products featuring Gridlok™

Empower Employees

  • Standardization without loss of flexibility and personal preference.
  • Inspires a culture of continuous improvement.


  • Structure the workplace for better efficiency.
  • Assist your employees with their organizational skills via a simple solution.

Space Savings

  • Do more in less space with a smaller footprint or wall mounted panels.
  • Off the floor, mobile, visual, and more.

Extended Life Cycle

  • Gridlok (and all Flextur products) adapt to changes within your organization and can perform endless functions.
  • Performance and durability, guaranteed, with products engineered to perform.


The New Generation of Productivity

We’ve incorporated a simple, yet powerful design utilizing Gridlok industrial metal pegboard. It is uniquely flexible for production, assembly, storage, and organization. No other products unite customization, standardization and organization like Flextur solutions.

Reinvigorate your workspace with customizable options built from standard products. It’s more than out of the box – it’s your box to create. Allow your teams to harness forward-thinking production today.

Receive a Gridlok Catalog

Durable Metal Panels


Make flimsy, composite pegboards and weak, wobbly hooks a thing of the past. With Gridlok, you get tough metal panels precision-cut from 14-gauge steel that can easily hold up to 50 lbs. on a single hook.  And, unlike most pegboards, our patent-pending design keeps your hooks and shelving securely in place each and every time you remove a tool.

Simple PioneerIWS System


The strength of the Gridlok system lies in its simplicity. No complicated assembly, no lost operational time. And our patent-pending, laser-cut design always gives you the perfect fit.

Gridlok Metal Pegboard System


Gridlok panels are a cost-effective solution for your production and budgetary needs. No other product allows customization, standardization, and organization to come together in this fashion. Integrate them into a single department or an entire facility on your timeline and schedule. Flextur products including Gridlok will not become obsolete because of their unique ability to adapt as your industry and company grows.

Gridlok Panels

Gridlok Accessories

Build exactly what you need from our full line of high-quality Gridlok Accessories. Gridlok Kits are available in various sizes for Weld Table, Work Benches, Pack Stations, Work Stations, and Work carts. Accessories include Hooks, Bins, Trays, Shelves, Specialty Tool Holders, Dispensers, Magnetic Strips, Power Strips, and so many more.

Select Flextur Products With Gridlok

Ready to begin your workplace transformation? Talk with our team about your operational goals and let us help with the solutions. Contact us today to get started.