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Work Stations & Carts

Provide Your Teams With Versatile Solutions

Flexibility is at the core of Flextur™ Work Stations. It is the gateway to functionality and profitability. Modular heavy-duty carts give you the flexibility to assemble a solution that can overcome inefficiencies in your workflow. Pull the benefits of Gridlok™ metal pegboard off the wall and make them mobile with Accessories to manage anything from tools to paperwork. Scale to your operations as they evolve. Our Mobile Work Stations with interchangeable parts adapt as your needs change.

Built Specifically for the Task at Hand

The Flextur Teardown Cart was uniquely designed for mechanics and maintenance personnel. We understand their need to balance projects in workflows that can often get messy. Problems with oily parts and excess fluids aren’t a problem with the Teardown Cart. A stainless surface and integrated drain pan contain the mess so you can remain focused on tasks. The bottom shelf and Gridlok metal pegboard keeps tools, spray cans, parts, and more out of the way but within easy reach.

 We also offer a variation to the design with the Flextur Work Cart. While similar to the Teardown Cart, the Work Cart is an alternative choice for maintenance, shipping, and receiving professionals. Select from either strong workplace solution so every department in your organization benefits from a cart that is built for your productivity.

A New Generation of Carts

Unifying customization, standardization, and organization has never been easier than it is with Flextur products. All of our cart options empower users to innovate and they inspire a culture of continuous improvement. Because they are easily altered, slight re-configurations can be made quickly at a value.

Re-design and re-define your production or maintenance area with products that allow your teams to harness forward-thinking LEAN & 5S concepts.

Flextur Work Station Features:

  • 30” x 72” work surface with 34” working height.
  • Adjustable overhead box storage area.
  • Lower shelf for additional storage.
  • Full width 8” deep shelf for tape, label, and supply storage.
  • Gridlok industrial metal pegboard for easy-access tool storage – accepts all Gridlok accessories.
  • Adjustable leveling glides.
  • Made in USA.

Two and Four-Panel Work Stations For Every Need

Select two and four panel Work Stations with Accessory Kits that best fits your requirements. Need additional accessories? More hooks and other items can be added at a moment’s notice. Simply talk with our team to add on or to explore more of our workplace solutions. 

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Mobile Flexturs system


Flextur Work Stations let you take your work with you. We understand the value of assembling, moving, and storing products safely and efficiently. Flexturs also provide the flexibility you need. Both the two-and-four panel Work Stations begins with a standard 32” w x 34” d base on 4” lockable casters and two 73” h vertical posts (78-1/2” overall height). You take it from there. Simply decide what configuration and accessories best fit your application and get started.



The modular nature of our Flextur system gives you the flexibility to build a solution that’s just right for you, no matter your industry. All our carts feature heavy-duty construction. And since all of our parts and accessories are interchangeable, you can easily adapt any workspace when you upgrade your processes.



Every component is built to last. Flextur products, featuring Gridlok, easily support hundreds of pounds at a time. However, the ultimate strength of our systems is their simplicity. There’s no complicated assembly required and our patent-pending, laser-cut design gives you the perfect fit every time, without compromise.

Integrate Flextur Work Stations in Your Facility

Boost productivity and supply your teams with Work Stations and Carts that are built to seamlessly integrate into any industrial or commercial work environment. Flextur is pleased to serve the world’s most complex workplaces with highly-efficient products made and tested in the USA.

Begin your workflow transformation today. Contact us to get started.