28 Piece Workbench Accessory Kit

For Use on Gridlok Metal Pegboard & Flextur Workbenches

Gridlok 28-piece Workbench Accessory Kit for for Gridlok 14-gauge metal pegboard / tool board panels. This 28 piece Workbench Accessory Kit has all of the accessories you’ll need to more efficiently use your Flextur Workbench. Recommended for the 48″w x 28″d x 35″h Flextur Workbench equipped with a Gridlok 48″w x 16″h Workbench Tool Board Kit. Kit includes: 10) HOOK (3″ standard, 10) HOOK (4″ tool cradle, 2) SPRAY CAN HOLDER (2.75″, 1) MAGNETIC STRIP (12″, 1) SCREW DRIVER RACK, 2) BIN (3″ x 5″, 2( BIN 4″ x 8″. American Made in Dalton, Ohio U.S.A.

Part Number
12 lbs
Powder Coated

American Made Dalton, Ohio U.S.A

MSRP: $289.00