27 Piece Fixturing Kit

27 of Our Most Popular Welding Table Accessories

Flextur 27-piece Fixturing Kit for Welding. Use with Flextur Welding Tables and tables with 16mm holes. This 27 Piece Fixturing Kit has just the right clamps and accessories to help you be productive on your new weld table from the start. Recommended for our 36″ x 30″ Stationary Welding Table this kit includes: 4) CLAMP (5/8″ vertical, 10) HOOK (4″ tool cradle, 4) LOCATOR PIN (1.0″, 4) LOCATOR PIN (1.5″, 4) LOCATOR PIN (2.0″, 1) WELD GUN HOLDER. American Made in Dalton, Ohio U.S.A.

Part Number
24 lbs

American Made Dalton, Ohio U.S.A

MSRP: $820.00