Weld Tables

Change is inevitable. Being able to adapt is critical to your success. PioneerIWS™ Weld Tables provide the flexibility you will need to remain competitive in today’s market. A fully equipped PioneerIWS welding cell, utilizing Flexturs® Carts and Weld Tables provides the ultimate in workflow agility.

Work Benches

Throw. Drop. Clamp. Weld. Assemble. Hammer. These work benches take it all. Frustrated with lightweight pegboard? No longer. Available with Gridlok⣣ metal pegboard. Powerful hooks and accessories. Workbenches share features with weight ratings and price points to meet your application and budget. Flextur Work Benches come in four sizes and two basic designs. You determine what works best for your situation.

Work Stations & Carts

Flexibility is at the core of Flextur Workstations. Modular heavy-duty carts give you the flexibility to assemble a solution that can overcome inefficiencies is your workflow. Pull the benefits of Gridlok™ metal pegboard off the wall and make it mobile. While Accessories manage anything from tools to paperwork. Flextur also offers Maintenance & Teardown Carts for specialty applications.

Pack Stations

PioneerIWS™ Pack Stations are designed to meet the needs of today’s busy shipping departments. Fulfillment and dropship demands continue to increase and being able to efficiently prepare and package products is a must. Durable work surfaces that easily adapt and adjust to not just different applications, but heights and personal preferences will make your stations more comfortable and your employees more productive.


Gridlok™ Wall Mount Systems are designed to mount to almost any surface. These panels work great when combined with Flexturs® in many industrial applications. They also work well in retail environments and any application where floor space is limited. They’re idea along outside walls, or between windows, even in offices.


All of our accessories provide a convenient place for tools and other regularly used items. And, they work across all PioneerIWS Systems. From Hooks to Shelves, Trays to Bins, Specialty Tool Holders to Magnetics, we have the accessories you need to be efficient and effective.