This kit includes multiples of our most popular clamps, pins and accessories needed to make your new Weld Table extremely capable. There is very little you won’t be able to square up, or clamp down with this 57 Piece Accessory Kit.

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SKU: 78908270


This 57 Piece Fixturing Kit has the clamps and accessories to help you be productive on your new weld table from the start. Accomplish almost anything you need to do on your weld table with this capable kit. Recommended for WELD TABLE (36″ x 30″ Stationary), WELD TABLE (36″ x 72″ Stationary), WELD TABLE (48″ x 48″ with Skirt & Caster Base). This kit includes: 8) CLAMP (5/8” vertical, 10) HOOK (3” standard, 10) HOOK (4” tool cradle, 4) LOCATOR PIN (.75”, 4) LOCATOR PIN (1.0″, 4) LOCATOR PIN (1.25”, 4) LOCATOR PIN (1.5”, 4) LOCATOR PIN (1.75”, 4) LOCATOR PIN (2.0″, 1) WELD GUN HOLDER, 2) BIN (3”x 5”, 2) ANGLE BRACKET (90°.