ACCESSORY KIT (for Pack Station – 23 Piece)

Get the most out of your Pack Station, and allow your employees to construct it in a way that is most comfortable and most productive for them. Customization while still maintaining standardization.

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SKU: 76458110


This 23 piece Complete Accessory Kit has all of the accessories you’ll need to be productive with your Pack Station no matter how you plan to use it. Kit includes: 10) HOOK (3” standard, 2) BIN (3″ x 5″, 2) BIN (4″ x 8″, 1) CUPHOLDER, (Magnetic, 1) Pen Holder, 1) POWER OUTLET (6 port, 1) TOOL HOLDER (6″, 4) TRAY (9″ x 11″ x 2″ inbox, 1) Monitor Mount.