New Brand of American Made Weld Tables

Flextur, based in Dalton, Ohio USA is a first-time exhibitor at Fabtech and is introducing a new line of American made Weld Tables. These are available in four sizes ranging from 36”x30” up to 96”x 48”. Flextur has a table to fit your application. A rigid base and casters are standard on all 48” tables while 36” tables feature a rugged, stationary base. All Flextur Weld Tables come with GridlokTM metal pegboard for organized tool storage and greater efficiency keeping what you need within reach. Choose from 27, 57 or 95 piece Fixturing Kits containing the most popular accessories making you more productive from day one. These tables tend to eliminate costly fixtures and hard to recoup setup time. Flextur can reduce cycle times and produce extraordinary results in the hands of both seasoned veterans and less experienced welders. See for yourself at Fabtech Booth B33062.

Weld Tables

Gridlok industrial metal pegboard, capable of supporting 50lbs. on a single hook, is standard to all Flextur products, including Work Benches, Workstations, Work carts, Pack Stations, Maintenance Carts, and wall mount Gridlok panels. Empower your employees with flexible Gridlok that allows them to customize their welding cell, work area, or pack station with standard products that can be easily reconfigured as needs change.
Flextur Work Benches put greater efficiency in reach. Even the very best tool chests and benches constructed from the strongest materials are useless if not convenient for the user. We’ve incorporated a simple, but powerful, design utilizing Gridlok industrial metal pegboard that is uniquely adaptable for storage and organization. 3/8” steel tops and heavy duty lockable casters are available. We also have lighter 14-gauge Work Benches that are very capable, offering more than is necessary for most applications. 28, 58 and 85 piece Accessory Kits are available and feature our most popular and productive accessories.
No other products unite customization, standardization and organization like Flextur products. Flextur products empower their users and inspire a culture of continuous improvement. Because they are easily changed, slight improvements can be made quickly and without major expense. Re-design products that allow your teams to harness forward-thinking LEAN & 5S concepts.
Flextur is a family-owned Amish company based in Dalton, Ohio in the heart of Amish Country. We strive to inspire a culture of continuous improvement by promoting lean enterprise and empowering individuals. We manufacture smart, robust Weld Tables, Work Benches, Work Stations, and Packaging Stations that unite customization, standardization and organization. All our products utilize our patent-pending GridlokTM industrial metal pegboard and possess the ability to increase efficiency in all aspects of your business. For more information, visit flexturusa.com