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More Than a Workstation – a Flextur™ Solution

Have outdated, inconvenient workspaces slowed you down and cost your business time and money? Not producing like you should be because you can’t support modern processes? The answer to your problems is simple – you need tools that set your teams up for efficiency. You need Flextur. Choose products that haven’t been re-invented, but rather, re-invigorated. The all-new line of innovative Flextur workstation products, coming soon.

Featured Products

Social Distance Barriers for Businesses

Pack Stations

  • 30″ x 72″ work surface with 34″ working height
  • Heavy Duty
  • Adjustable overhead box storage area
  • Gridlok for easy access to tool storage
  • Accepts all Gridlok Accessories
  • Full Width 8″ deep shelf for tape, label and supply storage
Lean & 5S Graphic

Use LEAN to optimize your workflow

This simple concept catapulted Toyota into the world’s leading automaker by the year 2000. Not only were they the largest automaker, but they were also the most profitable.

New PioneerIWS Facility


Innovation has been a part of our Amish heritage dating back to our European ancestors. Our Anabaptist people are credited with developing many of the farming practices still in use today. For over 40 years our core business had been the fabrication of agricultural equipment. Pioneer Equipment was started in 1978 in a quaint farm shop. Over the years Pioneer Equipment has continued to innovate and is currently the largest producer of horse drawn farm equipment in the world. Today, headquartered in Dalton, Ohio, PIONEER® is one company with five very distinct brands – Pioneer Equipment®, Pioneer Carriage, Ackerman’s Equipment® MT. Hope Elevator and FlexturTM. Flextur offers workflow solutions developed out of our LEAN journey, including Gridok™ and other products like Weld Tables, Workstations, Work Carts, Workbenches and Pack Stations. To learn more about our Anabaptist and the history of PIONEER click here.