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More Than a Workstation or Welding Table — Interlink & Synchronize Your Facility

Interlink and synchronize your facility with Flextur welding tables, fixturing kits, workbenches, utility and Tear Down carts, packing stations and tables, and mobile tool board featuring Gridlok metal pegboard and accessories.


Let Flextur help you build a LEAN organization, or improve upon already established Lean and 5S Initiatives. Create a culture of continuous improvement, boost employee morale and increase employee retention and productivity.

See Flextur Welding Tables, Workbenches & Mobile Tool Boards In Action

Purchase as Individual Products, Combination Kits, or Complete Workstations

Welding Station featuring 48” x 48” x 6” Welding Table

Welding Station featuring a 48″ x 48″ x 6″ Welding Table

36" x 30" Welding Table with 27 Piece Fixturing Kit

36″ x 30″ Welding Table with 27 Piece Fixturing Kit

2-Panel Mobile Tool Board with 41 Piece Accessory Kit

2-Panel Mobile Tool Board with 41 Piece Accessory Kit

4-Panel Mobile Tool Board with 71 Piece Accessory Kit

4-Panel Mobile Tool Board with 71 Piece Accessory Kit

85 Piece Workbench Accessory Kit

85 Piece Workbench Accessory Kit

“It creates a sense of pride for my guys to create their own workstations and yet it’s one standardized system throughout the shop. My guys love them.”

Dave Ligget - Production Manager

“We’ve probably made over a million dollars worth of products on this table, and have only scratched the surface, literally. Don’t think about it. Just get one.”

Foster Welding

“Our QC guy is very pleased with how the bus walls come off as they laminate the walls with a thin skin and any offset at the joints show up... We’re really appreciating our Flextur products.”

John Martin - Owner, Southwest Welding

“Mobility is Key. We are tight on space and being able to roll our tools in and out based on what we are doing is a game changer, even cleaning up is easier.”

Conrad Schrock, Rockwood

“Excellent Versatility, with the 2” Grid pattern they are able to accurately meet every dimensional requirement of our weldments. We’ve been able to hold tolerances not only on flatwork but vertical weldments as well by utilizing fixture blocks. We’re Very Happy… Very Happy with our Flextur Tables.”

Jon Jesse - Quality Control Manager, Southwest Welding

“Well satisfied with product and the price. We’re experiencing an ROI of less than a year.”

John Martin – Owner, Southwest Welding

Why Lean and 5S is Important to Optimize Workflow in Workstations

Implementing Lean and 5S principles in your organization's workflow increases efficiency, eliminates waste, reduces production time, and decreases lead time. Introducing Flextur™ workstations with Gridlok™ metal pegboard/tool board into that workflow will provide the platform to sort, standardize, and sustain your Lean and 5S efforts. And creating a clean, well-ordered, and disciplined work environment will reduce tool loss, lower safety incidents, and maximize profitability.

Add Gridlok Metal Pegboard to Any Welding Table or Workstation
Ideal for LEAN & 5S Implementation

Ideal for LEAN & 5S Implementation

Flextur products were developed in our facility during our own LEAN journey. Flextur is excellent for an organization implementing or sustaining LEAN and 5S principles.

Interlink & Syncronize an Entire Facility

Interlink & Syncronize an Entire Facility

When using Flextur featuring Gridlok throughout your facility you get the additional benefits of an extremely adaptable system that is easily personalized for every employee. Yet it’s made up of standard products, not expensive custom solutions.

Complete Workstations Featuring Gridlok

Complete Workstations Featuring Gridlok

With Flextur Welding Tables, Gridlok Mobile Tool Board, Workbenches, Packing Stations and Accessories you can accomplish just about anything. Create a LEAN mobile Workstation whether you’re in Fabrication, Assembly, Maintenance, or Shipping.